Utah firework restrictions and bans currently in place

SALT LAKE CITY — Severe drought is prompting many cities and counties around Utah to issue firework restrictions to minimize wildfire risks.

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Box Elder County firework restrictions


From the Tremonton/Garland Police Department Facebook Page (posted June 29, 2021): Friendly Reminder for all of you firework fans. Tremonton has put in some regulations as to where you can and cannot light them this year due to the extreme fire danger. Also, a reminder that the legal dates and times for fireworks are:

July 2-5th from 11am-11pm (July 4th time extended to midnight)
July 22-25th from 11am-11pm (July 24th time extended to midnight)

Everyone be safe and have a great holiday!


Carbon County firework restrictions

Carbon County has banned fireworks for the entire year in the unincorporated areas of the county.  Citing an extreme risk of fire, the Carbon County Sheriff also announced the county will not have a fireworks display at the fairgrounds, nor will fireworks be allowed at Scofield Pleasant Valley Days.

Davis County firework restrictions

Bountiful, Utah

City leaders ask Bountiful residents to avoid the use of fireworks this year. However, fireworks will only be prohibited east of Orchard Drive/400 East in Bountiful. The city issued this map specifying where fireworks are prohibited.

Layton, Utah

Fireworks will be allowed in Layton within state regulations. However, they will be restricted east of Highway 89 and aerial restrictions west of Highway 89.

Grand County firework restrictions


Moab issued fireworks restrictions on June 29, 2021, involving: parkways, public trails and pedestrian paths within City limits as well as over or within 200 feet of Pack Creek or Mill Creek and within 20 feet of any residence, building, structure or combustible material. Please see the following information for more details:

Iron County firework restrictions 

Cedar City 

The Cedar City Council approved a partial firework ban in certain parts of the municipality. Fireworks are not to be detonated in Wildland Urban Interface in Cedar City. 

The City is asking people to light fireworks in designated areas recommended by the city fire chief. Those areas include the South parking lot of Cedar High School, the parking lot at the Bicentennial Softball Complex, the Iron Springs Elementary parking lot and the Canyon View High School parking lot.

For more information, visit the city’s website here

Juab County fireworks restrictions

Nephi City

As posted on the Juab County Fire District’s Facebook page on June 29, 2021:

Salt Lake County firework restrictions

For Salt Lake County, all of their unincorporated lands, such as the canyons and west bench, and in areas in the foothills, fires of any kind, including fireworks, are banned by the fire marshal. 

This interactive map shows where fireworks are banned throughout the county.

Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital city has placed a ban on personal fireworks and open fires until further notice, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced Tuesday. The firework restriction includes novelty fireworks found at a local stand, such as sparklers and stink bombs.

She says the bans are an order from the city’s fire marshalls because fire concerns are high due to the dry vegetation. 

“Our foothills, open spaces, and even our yards and park strips are dry and could be ignited by a single spark, threatening life, safety, and property,” said Mendenhall on Twitter. “We have seen communities in neighboring western states be leveled by urban wildfires, and we cannot take unnecessary risks.”

Cottonwood Heights 

Cottonwood Heights has implemented various fireworks restrictions within the city. From now through December 30, 2021, fireworks are prohibited east of 1300 East.

The restrictions do not impact the city’s planned firework show on July 24.

Herriman City

Herriman City has detailed the legal use of fireworks in the city here.



In Millcreek, fireworks are prohibited east of 900 East.


No fireworks allowed on the Murray Parkway Trail, at Murray Park, and at Wheeler Farm, or within 300 feet of all locations.

South Salt Lake 

No fireworks permitted.

Francis City


Fireworks are not allowed on any Bureau of Land Management, state, military, tribal, US Forest Service, or unincorporated private land. In addition, some municipalities have issued full bans on fireworks. 


Fireworks can be discharged between Cooley Street and Matthews Lane, and between Clark Street and Durfee Street of the Grantsville core area. In the South Willow neighborhood, fireworks are permitted in a small zone between Legrand, Kimball and Davenport Drives. Residents of the Anderson Ranch neighborhood may set off fireworks in a small zone between Saddle Road and Wrangler Way. No fireworks may be ignited in any other areas of Grantsville. 

Rush Valley 

No fireworks permitted. 


No fireworks permitted. 


Fireworks may be set off in a municipal-approved area between Droubay Road and 1000 West, roughly from SR 36 and Skyline Drive to either 1530 North or 2200 North. The city will not permit fireworks in Elton Park or other parts of Tooele City. Fire officials with the Tooele Army Depot posted a map showing the affected areas on Facebook. 


No fireworks permitted.


Fireworks are only restricted on state and federal lands, but can be set off within Wendover city limits.

The Utah County commission passed a resolution Wednesday, June 23 putting a temporary ban on fireworks and open flames in all county-operated parks – with a few exceptions including for approved fire pits and grills The restrictions go into effect immediately and end in 30 days.


The Alpine City Council voted to ban all fireworks and open fires through the remainder of 2021.

Eagle Mountain

The Eagle Mountain City Council has prohibited detonating fireworks within city limits for the day of, the two days before, and one day after Independence Day. It is still legal to purchase fireworks within Eagle Mountain.


The city of Lehi is implementing a partial firework ban. Class C fireworks, such as Roman Candles, mortars, and firecrackers, are not allowed north of the Timpanogos Highway including Traverse Mountain, and along the Dry Creek Corridor from 1200 E to Center St.

Those fireworks are also prohibited around Dry Creek Way and north of Airport Drive.

View Lehi’s firework ban map here

Spanish Fork City

Spanish Fork prohibits the use of personal fireworks near the mountain (south/east of Powerhouse Road), in industrial zones, in parks, or within 200 feet of a vacant field or lot. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE – if you choose to do fireworks this year avoid lighting them in areas with dry vegetation.


The Vineyard City Council approved fireworks restrictions in a meeting on Wednesday, June 23. The restrictions say no fireworks can be lit within 200 feet of the lakeshore and wetland areas.  

Stage 2 fire restrictions cover the entirety of Wasatch County. Under Stage 2, all fires and the use of fireworks are strictly prohibited.


The Mayor and City Council say all fireworks will be banned within city limits due to fire danger. Their city display will still happen at Sand Hollow reservoir as planned. 


The Washington City Council said that all fireworks would be banned on all private and public property within city limits.


The Ogden City Council voted unanimously to ban fireworks within the city through November. In their joint resolution, the council said fireworks, open burns, and other recreation fires will be banned within city limits.

West Haven City

West Haven City has enacted a ban on aerial fireworks “in certain areas of the city,” (as reported on June 29). On its Facebook page, the city indicated a more comprehensive description of the ban area would be available in the coming days, so please check back. In the meantime, the city provided the following information:

For more information on restricted firework areas in Utah, visit here

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