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Metasaga is a stunning framework for deciphering and revisiting a common nearby natural environment for youngsters and older people of all ages. It was made by Kate Coutts in the early Noughties. Essentially the tactic aims to market dialogue and build inbound links and knowledge among people’s lives and the position that they dwell. It uses real objects and functions as a metaphor for own discovery. It performs very well in designed or all-natural environments. It performs best in a community put that young children and young people today can simply return to.

Kate formulated the strategy on a leadership course, so in the movie under, the questions relate extra to issues all-around leadership. Nonetheless it does grow upon the principles.

The Metasaga blogpost points out the framework in a small much more element also. The construction of a metasaga is uncomplicated and it is worth practising this beforehand before striving it with your young children or a complete class. It is centered on considering in order:

Put – Values – Questions – Process – Tunes

Metasagas can be produced for any location and any matter, theme or curiosity. They can be fact or fiction! In some respects the approach reminds me of De Bono’s 6 Considering Hats in that once you have the concept, it is simple and flexible ample to be tailored and genuinely allows with vital contemplating outdoor. Attempt it and see what you believe!

This site publish was initially publishing in Oct 2010.