Making a Marriage Work – Aim for That Silver Anniversary

Is making a marriage work a bigger challenge than you’d thought? Did you enter this union with big expectations of romance and a happy ever after? Do you want to find tips to help make your marriage work before things go bad?

Making a marriage work is not a simple matter of having the perfect wedding. In virtually all cases, choosing the cake, dress and venue can end up being a lot easier than actually making the marriage work. This article will guide you through the many obstacles so many couples face as they try to solidify their marriage.

The Priority

Some women actually suffer from wedding planning withdrawal once the ceremony is over. They’ve invested too much time into planning the perfect day that they feel at a loss once it’s all over.

And when they’re left to face the reality of the actual marriage, they’re kind of stumped as to what to do. Once the honeymoon is over, life suddenly takes over and the romance that surrounded the wedding disappears.

Keeping that romance alive is work. Don’t let it slide.

Communicating Openly

Though women are commonly known to talk a lot, their ability to listen, and listen well, often falls short. It’s important to be able to take in what your mate is saying. All too often, women will shrug off, ignore or deny a sincere and honest comment or complaint brought to her by her husband.

This only serves to frustrate him and it can lead to a communication breakdown. If he feels his concerns are never truly addressed, he’ll come to think there’s no point in discussing anything with you.

Think of Intimacy

After the honeymoon, that intimate aspect of the romance can quickly slide. You both go back to work, get caught up in the chores that need to be tended to and return to various aspects of the social life you had. By the time you meet up again at the end of the day, fatigue sets in and intimacy is shoved to another day.

Day after day, week after week… if those intimate moments between a man and a woman are too frequently ignored, the relationship can falter as each partner grows more distant.

Respect That Lives On

Remember those first few dates? You probably held back, didn’t complain, let him do things his way and thought that everything he did was cute and adorable. You were falling in love and the silly things he did were all a part of it.

But once you got settled into a real relationship that had you spending every day with him, you started loosening up and letting him know what you really thought of those silly little things.

You criticize how he dresses, berate he decisions and attack the hobbies he enjoys. All of these are displays of disrespect for the man you love and married.

Making a marriage work isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers and having a happily ever after. Work at it and you’ll have a solid marriage that will last.