Bristol Township college student with neurofibromatosis results in awareness

As a set of triplets, there was usually a possibility that 11-12 months-outdated Sophie Curley or 1 of her brothers could close up with neurofibromatosis.

Their father, Patrick Curley, has the scarce genetic nervous system ailment, also known as NF. It has an effect on a person in each individual 3,000 folks.

Of Patrick’s a few little ones, it was only Sophie, a fifth-grader at Mill Creek Elementary College in Levittown, who inherited his problem. It can induce tumors — benign or cancerous — to mature on the nerves. 

In 2017, Sophie experienced mind surgical procedures to deal with the tumors that remain there to this working day. Medical practitioners say it truly is way too risky to attempt to eliminate the tumors, which are linked to nerves.

“You could have somewhat slight consequences from birthmark-like indications all the way up through tumors that grow to be malignant, it truly is a broad spectrum,” Curley said of NF’s indicators.

In unusual and far more innovative cases, NF can cause serious discomfort.

Sophie Curley, a fifth grader at Mill Creek Elementary School, counts the money her fundraiser for neurofibromatosis has raised.

About half of folks with possibly types one or two of NF experienced it handed down from their mom and dad, according to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Sophie and her dad have been diagnosed with kind just one.

“When she was a few months old, we observed the café au lait marks, the freckling on her,” Sophie’s mom, Teresa Curley, mentioned of the coffee-coloured places that appeared on her baby’s pores and skin. 

“That’s when they identified she had NF,” she said.

About a ten years afterwards, Sophie life life like any other child, savoring pursuits like immediately after-university dance, largely unaffected by her disorder’s symptoms.